Fujian Tulou·Hakka Yongding

2016-12-05 11:26 来源:东南网澳大利亚站 责任编辑:黄艺

As World Culture Heritage, China Fujian Tulou • Yongding Hakka Tulou provides specific historical witness to oriental morality by consanguineous relationship and traditional style of living by clansman. It is a unique achievement by employing rammed raw earth in large scale and also Hakka peopled intelligent accomplishment of combining and innovating raw earth ramming techniques descending from ancient China to its full.

With proper layout and elegant appearance, Yongding Hakka Tulou, which is made of rammed raw earth, keep Harmony with nature. What a wonder! What perfection! It is distinctive for its long history, grand scale, varied shapes, exquisite structure, complete functions, and rich connotations as well. As Hakka people’s spiritual homestead, it vividly, completely and profoundly reveals every aspect of Hakka humanities and mentalities of perseverance, enterprise, pioneering, struggling, home-loving, cooperation, helping each other, valuing education and knowledge, and respecting their ancestors.

Tulou Hakka residents welcome friends from all over the world with their board mind and outburst enthusiasm. Travelling in Tulou will leave behind the tourists lingering memory after their Tulou journey!