Piano Concerto “Yellow River“

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In 1939 the people’s musician Xian Xinghai took only 6 days to complete the immortal masterpiece the Yellow River Cantata in a Yanan cave. 30 years later, in the special era, a group of young musicians adapted it into a piano concerto the Yellow River. Taking the Anti Japanese war as the historical background, it praised the heroic spirit of the Chinese nation. It inspired and united the Chinese all over the world.

I. Prelude: Song of the Boatman on the Yellow River The Section manifests the boatmen’s unified will power in defeating terrifying waves, and in full belief of victory even in the harshest struggle.

II. Ode to the Yellow River An ode that pays warm tribute to the Yellow River our mother river.It reflects the long-lasting history of the Chinese nation, stand towering in the East like the Kunlun Mountain.

III. Indignation of Yellow River Melodious bamboo flute and bright Zheng tunes depict people’s peaceful and content life; yet once invaded by fierce enemies, families are broken apart in drearines. The people rise in wrath against oppressors.

IV. Defend Yellow River Summoning calls of the brass, competing lines between piano and orchestra, picture valiant guerrilla, with their bravery and wisdom, charge at enemies from corn fields. War horses gallop, gun smoke billow, while the majestic melodies of “Sun Rises in the East” and “Internationale” pushing the whole concerto to the pinnacle in a fervent ode to the great victory the people’s war.