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We provide the claddings used for the surface of the skyscrapers. This is the example of an American tall building.

With the development of decorative materials, the usage of granite cladding has become an indispensable part of building construction. As to development of the cladding technology. China has reached an accepted worldwide standard. Our technology and knowledge of installation and manufacture of the cladding and attachment have little competition. We believe our products can satisfy your requirements whether in price or quality.


Like flowers along the garden path coming into bloom, the magic of stone cubes and pavements are that their naturally different colour and arrangement can be used to express permanence and protection in one. Stone cubes are also suitable for street decoration and signify the link with the present and antiquity.

The natural beauty of our stone has been compared to the “…clouds in the sky”. Nature is enhanced by the natural beauty expressed in colorful stone and Fujian stone has been used for centuries to add a rich, colorful and beautiful effect to buildings and structures. Brick stone supplements our environment.


It is said that an artist brings to life what is in stone. For thousands of years the people of Fujian Province have been selecting the rough stone and bringing it to life. Abstract art required a personal interpretation. As it is said, 1000 people in the audience will imagine 1000 imagine of Hamiet.



Exquisite oriental stone, international craftsmanship and western culture are combine into everyone of our statues. They beautify your environment and enrich your imagination. 


The stone-carved fountain is simple. Unsophisticated the combination of stone with water symbolizes strength with grace, the dynamic with the static they form a series of moving notes and scenes with graceful lines. We would presume to be close to perfection though our experience and endless efforts. 


The indoor ornamental, ie: stairs, window frames and inlaid tiles provided by us, can cater to the elegant and discerning tastes required for public placed as well as the simple & brisk demands of the average family for quality housing decorations. 


Our highly qualified professionals are available to introduce to you the appropriate worktop suitable for use with different bases. The great variety of stone will bring the cozy feeling to you and your family and help you experience the little extra joys of life.


With sophisticated technology, following the step of the era, we provide the most compatible work tops for different situations, making the practical in harmony with the fashionable.


With regard to the processing of the vanity top, we offer two choices;

 Here the edge around the sink has been polished for under mounted basins.

If the edge around the sink is not polished. It fits the top mounted basin. So please contact us with your choice.

 For this subtle processing, incomparable clearness and resistance plus our great variety of colors. Our vanity tops have won the acclaim of our customers in Europe and American. Because every type and color of our granite has a distinct characteristic and uniqueness. It is bound to meet your varied requirements and tastes. We strive to perfect our service. Please find below an example of our special-shaped granite edge-finishes for your reference.

The crude stone can beautify your life in this way.





The products we supply include whole fireplaces and the accessories as well. Eg: hearth, back panel, etc. the stunning effect of our “absolute black” enhances the fireplaces within rich sumptuous settings, and yet it is compatible with dynamic contemporary interior.


Completely different from our black-series of granite fireplaces, light-colored stone can be carved with great care into fireplace to express the classicism & nobility which is the best choice for your luxurious settings.


Fujian Province is rich in granite. We can provide all kinds of suitable raw stone materials. After designing by professionals and technical processing we supply many modern, simple and complex. We express stone’s best quality and great beauty through our care and devotion to detail. Stone is an everlasting memento of the ones we love, and our company is committed to your needs with respect and empathy.


The use of dark granite for monuments has had a long history, and is widely accepted. It is dignified and elegant. By being open to changing styles and patterns and individual needs, eg the image carving and sand-blasting etc, the dark granite is gracious and imposing. Adding a variety of shades and colors to make memorials beautiful and elegant.


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