侨胞林希鹰出任英国Gerald Edelman LLP合伙人兼亚太区总监

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东南网1月5日讯(本网记者 陈美玉 特约通讯员李光喜)1月4日,英国TOP 50注册会计事务所Gerald Edelman LLP宣布,闽籍侨胞、英国福建社团联合总会执行副主席兼秘书长林希鹰正式出任公司合伙人兼亚太区总监,负责大中华及亚太地区业务。



Gerald Edelman LLP会计事务所货交承运人理查德·克莱纳


据了解,Gerald Edelman LLP(简称 ‘GE’)会计师事务所成立于1946年,至今已有76年的发展历史,总部位于英国伦敦, 并在英国多个地区设有办事处。

Gerald Edelman appoints Lynn Lin as Partner and Head of Asia

 Top UK accountancy firm Gerald Edelman announced the appointment of Lynn Lin, EV-Chairman&Secretary-General of The UK Federation Of FuJian Associations, as partner and Head of Asia, responsible for developing the firm's business in the Asian market on January 4th . 

 Lynn Lin is a CIMA qualified management accountant and ATT qualified tax specialist. She is also a CIMA member in practise. Lynn Lin has gained a broad range of experience over 13 years, covering accounting, compliance, cross border structuring advice, employee share schemes, international tax and investment management. Her depth of expertise extends to helping businesses obtain financing and cross border M&A. 

 Lynn also advises companies in the UK entering the Asian market. She works with a diverse portfolio of clients including large corporations and HNWIs from China and Asia. 

 Upon joining the Asia-Pacific team, Lynn will work with the company's experts in various fields to provide more professional, reliable, in-depth and personalized solutions and services for companies and individuals that set up and invest in the UK. 

 Lynn is also very active in Chinese communities and serves a number of voluntary roles with leading Chinese associations. She assists in the day to day running of Associations and organises and hosts many large-scale events that promote active collaboration between the UK and China in trade and cultural matters.

“We are really excited to welcome Lynn Lin to our growing international team. Her extensive experience in working with private clients, cross border expertise with an Asian focus will be hugely beneficial to our firm and our clients, and her appointment is part of our ongoing commitment ,” CEO & Managing Partner Richard Kleiner said.

Gerald Edelman LLP (abbreviated as ‘GE’) was established in 1946 and has a 76-year history of development. It is headquartered in London, England, and has offices in various regions in the UK.